Photo shoot: Top 10 Photography Studios in Singapore

Photo shoot for Weddings, birthdays and graduation ceremonies – life is full of milestones, big or small. Too often, these milestones can only be remembered by random, embarrassing photos taken by a distant relative.

Previously we collated a list of Photography Services by various companies / photographers. Now, we are going more indepth into Photography Studios in Singapore.

Put an end to that. Make your way to one of the studios listed below, and get perfect pictures, for your perfect memories.

Versatile, and fully equipped for photo shoots, here are the top ten photography studios in Singapore. So that you can remember your memories exactly how you​ want to.

1. Gloria Photo Studios

The first one the list, we have Gloria Photo Studios, established in 1986 has come a long way. What began as a studio for bridal photo shoots has branched into graduation and passport photography, over the years. They are professional, they are talented, and they can get you an incredible-looking photo album in no time.

Gloria Photo Studios has received various awards for the quality of their work and professionalism. Proud winners of the First and Second Prize winners in the Fuji/Kodak Bridal Photography Competition, their skills have heightened while their prices have not. 

If you’re looking for an ideal photo shoot at affordable prices, this is right up your alley.

2. ABC Photography

Next, this studio focuses on family-oriented photo shoots. They capture the warmth and love within a family, while also making sure that everyone looks their best.

Recently, they have branched out into commercial and corporate photography. Their main focus however, is still family portraits. They will arrange for your makeup to be done, and edit your pictures to look flawless, yet natural.

3. Ashley Low Photography

This is the top photo studio for maternity and newborn photography at the same time, they have a whole range of packages and settings for expecting mothers and newborns, all at affordable prices. 

You can create perfectly orchestrated maternity pictures in this studio. Their in-house artists will be more than happy to help you out with this. Maternity pictures are very special, because you get to look at them down the lane, and maybe share them with your child, now all grown up.

They are very respected names in the industry. Their team consists of gifted, patient artists, which is a good quality to have if you’re going in for a family photo shoot with lots of children around.

4. BabyU

BabyU is an adorable concept additionally it is also the first of its kind in Singapore. Adopted from a Korean concept, what this studio does is every new parents paradise. They even have a collection of props and outfits that you can dress your baby up in addition they have interior furnishing that can serve as a backdrop for the photo shoot.

BabyU has a talented team of artists and photographers that capture heart-warming pictures of your baby. As far as the environment goes, this studio is even said to have a very welcoming environment which is great news for babies out on their first photo shoot.

5. BerryHappy

What sets this apart from other photo studios, is the woman behind the name. Ng​ Sok Eng is an award-winning photographer. She won the Harper’s Bazaar and Ion Orchard Photography Awards. She is also one of the top 5 finalists for the Asian Top Fashion Photographer of the Year. As far as photography goes, you are in good hands. This photo studio offers all kinds of photography to suit your needs. From maternity and baby photo shoots, to corporate and graduation ceremony photo shoots, BerryHappy has got you covered. You can get your passport photos shot here, for that perfect picture for your ID.

They have several regular clients who can not stop singing their praise. BerryHappy not only delivers quality work, they also work hard to catch the essence behind the picture.

6. Magicdow Photography

This studio is known for their simple, wholesome photo shoots. Nothing too fancy, this studio focuses on capturing the real moments you share with your family. They do both indoor and outdoor photo shoots, so you can pick whichever makes you feel more comfortable. They tailor the settings according to what you would like to see in a picture, so you can be as sophisticated or as simple as you’d like.

When they say outdoors, they mean any location on your mind. It could be a beach, your backyard lawn, or even a forest. They will stop at nothing to make sure you have the photos you really want, and the results are outstanding. The perfect studio to go to if you want to capture your son’s graduation ceremony, or a birthday celebrated at home. Both big and small families are welcome.

7. Bespoke Photography

Simply put, what Bespoke Photography does is adorable. They have seasonal themed photo shoots, which means great things for people looking for themed pictures to cherish forever. They have a few existing themes, like ones for Christmas or New Year. They will also be happy to enact brand-new themes for you, if you have one in mind,

Bespoke Photography also offers other services, catering to corporate gatherings and weddings.

8. Katie Martin-Sperry Photography

This studio also focuses on natural photo shoots. They try their best to make sure your photos look as natural as possible, because they do not stand for extremely retouched photos.

That is why most of their photo shoots take place in locations that are familiar to the client, and very rarely in the studio. That means you could invite them home, where they will photograph you in comfortable settings. You can even take them outdoors, where they will capture rare family moments, while you have the time of your life.

9. Larry Toh Photography

This studio stands out on this list, because it is not strictly photography at all. They film documentaries, which they then extract pictures out of. The result is that you have candid pictures and real moments captured forever. 

Their photography style is very real, so if you want pictures that have not been orchestrated, this one’s for you.

10. Theresa Olsen Photographs​     

This studio has a wide range of costumes and props that you can use to garner a perfect photo shoot. They have won several awards, and have an impressive portfolio with a wide range of age-groups, from babies to adults.

They also do not have a limit on the amount of time you can spend in their studio.

You can get as comfortable as you’d like and leave only after you have a set of 20 prints that you are satisfied with. They also have an in-house makeup artist, so it does not really get better than this. So, there you have it. A comprehensive list of studios that you can visit according to your needs. Grab your family, and get ready to document the happiest moments of your life!

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