Food Photographers – Top 10 in Singapore

Food Photographers in Beginning

Food photographers are one of the greatest professions as well as an incredible invention of history. This skill depicts the art and beauty of nature. Photography was thought to be a foreign job and was only done by a few people with inconvenient cameras. As time goes by, and everything has revolutionized, photography is now known as an art. Photography is now being adopted by many individuals as a profession and serves well to feed their passion for photography.

Individuals may or may not choose or master one photography style. For instance, in a country like Singapore which is famous for its rich cuisines and food styles, one may feel necessary to master the art of food photography. There are many quality food photographers in Singapore. If you are planning on visiting Singapore, you might need a food photographer who captures all the mouth-watering food you try so you could post on your social media accounts or food blogs. Here we have compiled the top 10 best food photographers of Singapore

Food photographers: Brayden Lim and Almanda Teo

Starting with the award-winning food photographer and food stylist Brayden Lim and Almanda Teo who go by the name Alinea Collective. Brayden is known for his exceptional eye to catch the beauty in any cuisine he sees. While Almanda is known for her expert food styling skills. They both blend in so well that they have been involved in commercial, high profiled projects for past four years. Their work includes projects like Pizza Hut, Marriot International, Singapore Food Agency, and many more. The duo has eyes for details and thrives to capture the best food photographs. If you do not want to take any risk or in doubt, then Alinea collective is the perfect place for you.

                                                  Picture by Alinea Collective 

Chethan Jayaramu

Chethan is one of those teenagers we talk about today. He is one of those who refuse to live by the stereotypical lifestyle and stand up for what they want. Jayaramu quit his fulltime job and went to an art school based in Ooty, India to learn and master his passion in photography.

His interest has led him this far and he has learned so many camera techniques to capture an appetizing angle for each food photograph. Chethan Jayaramu is one of the best professional food photographers in Singapore. Additionally, he has worked for top projects including Uber Eats, AirBnb, Rocksalt, Royal Orchid Hotels and many more.

                                           Picture by Chethan Jayaramu

Digital Negative

The next on the list is Chris and Sam; two identical twins who have not just have the same appearance but also the same passion for photography. They started Digital Negative in 2014 and embarked on their career as professional commercial photographers. Few years after they started, the twins won the international photography award. Their vivid sight of color capturing sees beyond the pixels of the lens. Their clients have suggested their work as professional and creative. If you want food photography with high praises from your social circle, Digital Negative is the right spot for you.

                                   Source Chris and Sam

Eat Crave Grub

Eat Crave Grub founded by Ana, who is a food photographer and a food stylist. She started with a small space of her own to style and capture food drinks. Ana has her unique style of decoration and capturing food like a dresser and stylist, which makes her stand out of others. No matter how big or small the project is, Ana gives her best and owns each one.

She knows how to set the frame, the lights, and the colors which can make every ordinary food mouth-watering and irresistible. Clients who have worked with Eat Crave Grub feel assured and secured when collaborating with Ana.

                                       Source Eat Crave Grub

Elodie Bellegarde

Bellegarde is a French photographer based in Singapore who has a master’s degree in culinary arts from Brighton, England. She moved to Singapore and is working as a professional photographer. She has worked with local and international food chains, food magazines and hotels. Elodie’s knowledge and love for cooking is displayed in her photographs. She uses a homelike cooked and unfussy photography style. If you want an elegant and simple food photography style, Elodie Bellegarde is the right person for you.

                                           Source Elodie Bellegarde

Glamour Wave Photography

Glamour Wave Photography founded by Calvin Huang. He uses new and modern camera techniques to capture food in an aesthetic way. He is well-known as a top finalist Nikon photography competition called the “The Big Shoot 2”. Calvin has not just an eye for food photography but also editorials, events, and products.

                              Source Glamour Wave Photography

Johna Photography

Next on our list, Johna, started out as a mentor to many new photography learners. Later he opened his own studio and worked as photographer, videographer, and food stylist. Johna has a keen eye for food details, keeping the food his focus and framing the perfect shot. Some notable work of Johna are Burger King, Manhattan Fish Market and many more.

                                            Source Johna

Bene Tan Food Photography

Moving on we have Bene Tan, a self-taught photographer based in Singapore. He has 10 years of experience in the said field and started off with different photography styles including fashion, portraits, magazines, and events. Later in 2017, Bene Tan won an award for his food category shoots.

He continued with this photography style and is now a renowned name of photographer in Singapore. His notable work includes Thai Express, Baker’s Oven Patisseries and many more.

                                   Source Bene Tan Food

Crisp Contrasts

Next, we have a food agency known to be specialized in food photography. Crisp was founded ten years ago and now have studios in Singapore. They have worked with internationally recognized organizations that include Peach Garden, Locaba cakes, and many others. The company has a versatile idea for food photography and fits well if you want to try something new and innovative.

                                                              Source Crisp Contrasts

One Food Story

Lastly, One Food Story, owned by food lovers and content creators. The reason for One Food Story to be on the top list is its unique style. The focus of these content creators is to bring photographs to life and tell their unique food stories in the process. The brand uses natural and plain backgrounds and creates an environment that puts the food into the spotlight. Known for their creative skills, they never use artificial backdrops. One food story has worked with clients like Nutella, Unilever, and Kraft. 

                           Source One Food Story

Food photographers – Top 10 by Owari Photography Studio – END

These were the top 10 food photographers we think are the best in Singapore. They provide the best services and are available easily. We assure you, none of the mentioned above will disappoint you!

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