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Styled Photography service by Owari Photography Studio for cold brew company.

Photography is something that’s been around for a long time now. And now that social media has kicked in, the demand has gone even higher. Everyone wants good photos for their Instagram and Facebook. Apart from that, others want decent photo albums of their weddings or bridal showers and whatnot.

For all special occasions, everyone wants the best photographers to do their shoots. And with all the competition, it’s not a very easy task to identify who’ll provide the best work.

For the same reason, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Photography services in Singapore:

1.     Ashley Low Photography

Ashley is without a doubt one of the best photographers out there. And here’s the best part; she specializes in working with kids. If you want a shoot done for your newborn baby or your kid’s birthday, Ashley’s the one to call out for. If you want to document a memory lane of the special moments you’ve had with your child, you won’t be disappointed.

Apart from this, her work also includes covering other events, family photoshoots, and outdoor shoots. Ashley is more than prepared for potential, last-minute troubles that can arise. We believe that makes her more than an accomplished individual to work with. More than that, she’s got some innovative ideas to bring to the table for all her clients!

2.     Alta Productions

Alta Productions is known for mainly 2 things. The enormous 400 feet studio they’ve got for all their photography and videography projects and the awards they’ve gathered over the years.

Being in the industry since 1998, Alta Productions has won 10 awards in total; local and international both. You can execute practically anything in their studio. And you won’t be disappointed in the quality they provide or the speed of their work.

Having managed over 2,000 projects, Alta Productions are something you definitely won’t be disappointed with. They’re well known since they’re based in a central location and the technical support, they provide is nothing below that of an expert.

3.     EO Digital Studio

Are you looking for the best kind of promotion? These are your people then. Whether it’s a graduation shoot or a corporate one, EO Digital studio specializes in taking photos that will make everyone look twice!

Moreover, if you’ve got a photo that you aren’t too pleased with, these guys can retouch them for you and give them the glory they deserve. With a wide range of services at the best rates, there’s a reason these guys made it to this article.

4.     ABC Photography

ABC Photography came into being in 2006. Having covered personal events like weddings and graduations, they’ve also branched out into corporate events and done shoots for many marketing firms. Their photographers are highly trained and skilled in their domain. And these guys are sure to perform better than what you expect.

Anyone who’s gotten any work done from them have claimed they’ll revisit them if the need arises.

5.     Firefly Photography

Firefly Photography specializes in event photography and is well known for weddings and other family events. Also, if you’re looking for some photobooth execution, we don’t recommend anyone else other than these guys.

Among many, one of the core reasons they’ve made it to this article is because of the customized photoshoots they offer to all their clients. When it comes to photography, this is where creativity meets professionalism.

6.     RS Photography

If you’re getting married and need someone to cover your event, we’re more than happy to tell you that weddings are their specialty. However, they don’t just stop there and are known as one of the best photography studios in Singapore for the diverse services they provide to their clients.

They’re the best when it comes to showing the true essence of the moments they capture. The photos they take will speak to you on their own. Apart from photography, they also provide amazing videography services.

With the artistic touch they add to their work and the level of customer service they provide, there’s no doubt they’ll deliver the best work to you.

7.     COCO Creative Studio

COCO Creative studio has grown at a very fast pace ever since it came into being. Their work includes projects for international magazines along with individual shoots for other international companies.

COCO Creative studio specializes in high-quality photography. Having done photoshoots for some top-end hotels and fashion brands, their services include commercial photography and product photography along with interior and exterior shoots. They also manage video productions.

Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, you won’t be disappointed with these guys.

8.     The White Space

If you don’t want to be limited by your surroundings, The White Space are the ideal people for all your photography needs. You’ve got an endless arsenal of ideas at your disposal with the location these guys have got. Moreover, these guys specialize in providing you with the best camera equipment you can even think of.

If you’re looking for creative support, these guys are highly recommended. You can see the complete range of equipment they offer on their website.

9.     Mount Studio

This photography studio might have just been in the market for 3 years but the minds behind this studio are people who’ve had 10+ years of experience in the field. These guys have got 3 large photography studios to cater to all your needs.

If you want an office shoot done, don’t worry because these guys will come to your office to cater to your needs. Mount Studio makes photography as much of a hassle-free process as possible.

10. Studio Memories

Studio Memories are the best people to work with for family photography projects. These people are centered around the concept of family and they make sure their work reflects the same.

They also provide photography services for weddings and events. They’re one of the best options there if you want pictures taken of your newborn.

Wrapping up, these are the 10 best Photography Studios in Singapore whose services you can avail. Rest assured, whichever of these people you decide to work with, you’ll walk back home as the happiest customer you can imagine.

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