Indian Wedding Photographer In Singapore – 5 Best

Indian wedding photographer is one of the primary characters to carry your wedding event successfully if you are an Indian. 

When arranging weddings abroad, people eager to find their home country’s photographer as only he/ she can capture the event and its rituals with true essence. Undoubtedly, other photographers have commendable skills to record the event, but having an Indian wedding photographer saves your energy to make photographers understand the core cultural things. 

So, are you residing in Singapore and trying to spot the Indian wedding photographer there? You can choose from enlisted 5 best Indian wedding photographers in Singapore. 

1. Alangkaar Wedding and Photo-shoot

Firstly, one of the well-known names among Indian photographers in Singapore is Alangkaar. Above all, you can book an appointment by contacting them on their website, social media pages, or WhatsApp. Their contact number and email addresses are provided on every social platform. 

It is been observed that their clients are highly satisfied with their services. However, you can check their Facebook and Instagram pages where clients have given their feedbacks and recommends hiring Alangkaar.

Moreover, their services are not just confined to photo-shoot, but range of multiple services. They are engaged in providing;

  • Wedding photography
  • Pre-wedding shoots
  • Post wedding shoots
  • Videography
  • Cinematography
  • Event organizers
  • Bridal makeovers
  • Renting outfits
  • Car and venue decorations

So, if you are in Singapore, planning a wedding, looking for an Indian wedding photographer and other service providers, then you should coordinate with Alngkaar.

2. Vividcine Productions – Indian Wedding photographer Singapore

Likewise, another good Indian event recorder name in Singapore is Vividcine productions. Their rating is high too. However, their range of services includes;

  • Wedding photo-shoot
  • Wedding video shoot
  • Cinematography
  • Music arrangements
  • Pre-wedding photography and video recordings

 In the event that you visit their website, you can find social media pages for assessing the caliber of their services. They have pasted their shoots on Facebook and Instagram to showcase their skills. On top of that, you can get their contact details from these online platforms together with the information available. Also, clients are happy and recommend Vividcine productions to make your event full of memories.

3. Subra Govinda Photography

Another talented Indian wedding photographer in Singapore is Subra Govinda. Her passion for creativity and perfection is laddering her upward in the industry. Furthermore, this production house sends its team across the borders if someone asks for such photography services. As can be seen, you can get Subra’s contact details from the website and social media pages. Services include;

  • Engagement photo-shoot
  • Actual event shoot
  • Pre-wedding shoot
  • Post-wedding shoot
  • Destination wedding shoot

4. Sajeev Digital Studio

Indians, you can opt for Sanjeev digital studio too, for exceptional Indian wedding photography in Singapore.  Sanjeev has the potential to provide you exceptional photography for your event. So, if you are looking for a comparatively low budget photographer, this option is one of the best. Additionally, you can go through their website and social media official pages to analyze their work and ratings. However, contact details can be accessed through the website and social pages. Services provided;

  • Engagement photo-shoot
  • Actual event shoot
  • Pre-wedding shoot
  • Post-wedding shoot
  • Destination wedding shoot


5. Ashima Suri Photography

This name is known for newborn and maternity photo-shoot in Singapore. But this photographer has shown her skills in Indian wedding photography too. In conclusion, if you are searching for someone with a lower cost to cover your wedding event with exceptional photography skills, must visit her website and pages to contact her.

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