Cosmo Air Purifier X Owari Express Photography

If you have been reading the news, you know that Singapore aims to reduce air pollution to safe levels. As the government aims at doing that, we are ensuring that everyone breathes clean air by providing high-quality Cosmo air purifiers. Through Express Photography, we can now show you the air purifier and how it works.

Until you use the air purifier and see how it works, you may not believe how much we are endangering our health by breathing in contaminated air. The air outside is full of dust, bacteria, pollen, insecticides, lead particles, and virus carriers.

The challenge is that you cannot see all these particles with your bare eyes. However, we promise that you will notice the difference in air quality right away once you get a purifier for your home.

Cosmo Air Purifier is best for Home Use

Who doesn’t want to keep their family safe? Every parent wants to ensure that the home environment is safe and clean for their children. If you have an older person living with you, don’t you also want to make their life comfortable so you can enjoy more time together?

Since the air we breathe is the primary reason we are alive, everyone should be wary of air quality at home. See how the kid above and the mother are happy as they bond? The two are jovial because of the freshness in the room. Yet that refreshing feeling of clean air would not be possible if they didn’t have a Cosmo air purifier around.

With an efficiency of 99.97%, you can be comfortable placing the purifier in your child’s room and leaving it there the whole day and night.

The Air Purifier is Also Great for Offices

How often do you leave your home to go to the office? Probably five or six days a week. Even if you don’t go to the office daily, but you work from home, there is no difference with everyone in the office. You are all working, and you deserve to breathe in clean air.

You see the above image taken by Owari Photography. Now, imagine the above air purifier sitting on your office desk on a busy hot afternoon.  You may not realize the hours passing by and may even find yourself working overtime. With the gadget, you may reach productivity levels you have never hit in the past.

If you are managing a few employees, we believe you want to see them be as productive as they can be. You want everyone to give the organization their best so that the company can achieve its goals. Don’t you? If you do, we are making this dream come true by offering you the above air purifier with a five year warranty period.

The Product is Efficient for Studying

Are you a student? Even if you’re not a student, maybe you know someone in college or have a kid studying from home. The Cosmo air purifier produces only 20db of noise, which is tolerable to the human ear. Remember, humans can tolerate up to 70db. You see, that is more than triple the noise the air purifier produces.

That is why it is excellent for studying because you won’t even realize that it is working. Thus, you can concentrate on studying 100% with the purifier filtering the air around you to make the environment conducive.

Express Photography Have helped Make Our Ordering Process Easier

If you can visit our showroom to see the products and purchase, we are always happy to see you. However, many of our customers are far away. Even those who live close by are too busy to be available for a physical visit. Many people, therefore, order their products online, and then we deliver.

Since we care about you and need you to trust the product before seeing it, we have hired Express Photography to help us take pictures of the air purifiers. The company takes high-quality pictures, which we post on our website and social media. They provide photographs of the air purifiers at different angles and in various environments to give our customers the product’s full experience.

By working with Owari and Express Photography, we have provided our customers with various benefits. Here are some of these benefits.

You can See the Material used to Make the Hepa Filters

We make our products with interlaced glass fibers of the highest quality, and we know that it is vital for you to see the material for yourself before buying the purifiers. Now that Express Photography helps us bring out the material clearly, you can confirm from the pictures before making an order. See how the filters look below.

You can Experience How the Product Works

Have you seen the video on our home page? If we were to tell you that Cosmo is a quiet air purifier, you wouldn’t believe it. Even if you did, you would be a little doubtful. But if you have watched that video and listened to it, you can hear that the noise it produces is negligible.

Therefore, you can use the purifier in your child’s room and not worry that it will wake them up. As stated above, the product’s silence also makes it efficient for anyone who wants to study or work with minimal noise.

You can Now Trust Us and Order Online

Once you have seen the pictures of the product along with the explanations of how it works, wouldn’t you buy online? Many of our customers have ordered online, and they were happy when we made the delivery. We can deliver on the same day that you order most of the time.

We are Always Improving

Our journey to make our product and process efficient has not yet come to an end. With the help of Express and Owari Photography, we are hoping to make your experience even better. We continue to listen to all your feedback, take better pictures, improve our product, and ensure that our delivery process is fast and efficient.

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