Wedding Photography: Top 10 Best in Singapore

A couple’s wedding day is a milestone for their lives. What better way to capture those moments than to have their ceremony and love documented, where they can always look back on them and reminisce. By hiring a professional photographer, they can capture the highlights of the wedding day, take a photo of their day’s candid moments, and remind the couple of how memorable and unique their day was.

Here are the top ten most notable photographers that can help make a couple’s day extra special:


Kevin from Dapper Pictures artistic, creative, detail-oriented, and, most importantly, personal. He won various international awards like from the Prix de la Photographie Paris, International Photography Awards, and Asia Photo Awards. He was also featured in the press, and he contributed to different magazines and publications. His personal works have been in an exhibit both locally and regionally. He prides himself on understanding his clients and capturing all the important moments, even the little ones, on his client’s special day.


 FSQUARED, founded by the two brothers Farhan Latiff and Faez Latiff. Their approach towards wedding photography is by combining photojournalism, artistic angles, and finally, light play. They have a great experience with different traditional weddings and are familiar with its flow. This expertise is a major factor for wedding photographers to capture the wedding’s crucial highlights and not miss any critical moments. Through experience, the brothers understand what their client needs. Because of this, they are flexible when it comes to personalization and customization of their packages to suit their clients.


Since 2016, WithMinn Photography has been providing excellent quality and affordable Prewedding and Wedding Day packages. They not only specialize in weddings but also other events like Birthday Parties and Corporate Events. WithMinn has featured wedding photography Singapore articles as part of the “must know” list of photographers. Additionally, WithMinn’s beautiful signature style of warm tones and muted colors create a vintage and romantic vibe in their photos. They can capture their client’s feelings and showcase it through the images. WithMinn Photography is currently based and registered in Singapore. However, they are open to traveling upon their client’s request to accommodate their needs.


Chris Chang Photography boasts of housing some of the best, seasoned, and reliable wedding photographers and videographers in Singapore. The whole team believe in making their client’s special day last a lifetime through their photos and videos. The team assures their clients that they have nothing to worry about regarding the documentation of their most awaited day. From the Wedding Day preparation shoot to the start of the ceremony, up until the end of the day, the clients can rest easy and put their faith in the team’s wedding photography skills to capture all the special moments and more.


To produce images that would capture their audience and leave a heartwarming feeling is the goal and mission of the Forever Pixel Arts team. They are unique and modern Korean concept. The Forever Pixel Arts offers Prewedding, Actual Wedding Day photography, and cinematography services. With over 13 years of experience in Singapore’s wedding photography industry, the team received positive reviews and is highly praised for their professionalism and rapport with their clients.


The team behind Senica Photos are dedicated and meticulous photographers and videographers. They love showcasing their creativity and creating excellent content for their clients as they believe in the photos’ and videos’ ability to convey the message they want their audience to know. Warm, joyful, and fun are some of the words, to sum up, best describe Senica Photo’s work.


Last 2014 Juxtapose Pix was born. Junwei founded it, and since then, they approached their projects with light-hearted fun. Their goal is to seize real emotions and enjoy the process. They want to bring out and reveal the love and history of each client that they have. All relationships have their uniqueness, and through wedding photography, they want those qualities to be seen in the romantic photos they capture. Juxtapose Pix offers solemnization Photography, Prewedding Photography, Actual Wedding Day Photography, and In-Studio Photoshoots. But they also provide destination shoots and are willing to travel to accommodate their client’s needs.


Hong Ray Photography’s goal is to capture unique moments that will move their clients. They believe that great photos are not done by command, but rather, the ones taken candidly. They show the natural and beautiful moments of their client’s special day. Hong Ray Photography is known for this and continues to deliver those beautiful images. They know that wedding photos should stir up their client’s emotions and memory of their most awaited day. Though he started young, Hong Ray already had a passion for photography since he was a kid. Just at 18 years old, he already booked his first official assignment as a wedding photographer. Since then, he has been practicing what he loves and even started his own wedding photography business in Singapore.


Daniel Sim’s approach in his craft is through storytelling focussing on real and raw emotion by anticipating the fleeting moments of his client’s special day. He also prides himself on always learning from his years of experience. The Daniel Sim Photography team has excellent attention to detail and are professional. They have a fantastic job of capturing candid yet photogenic photos of their clients. They give extra effort to cater to their client’s needs and even go beyond them prioritizing their clients the best service and experience they could provide and capture the best moments.


Vincent Tay has been professionally doing wedding photography since 2017 full-time. However, his passion for wedding photography specifically, started much earlier. It was in 2010 that he first had a wedding photography shoot for one of his friends. Since then, he’s been hooked, and he found what he sees as something that he would like to make a career out of. He received awards for Documentary Wedding Photography (2018 & 2019) and Engagement Photography (2018). When working with his clients, Vincent makes sure to commit to them and connect with them to create a great environment to feel like themselves, relaxed, and confident.

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