Product Details

Photography + Info-graphics

Not only are images important, sometimes in order to convey a certain message, info-graphics are needed. Need to emphasize on the specifications? Are dimensions important? Fretting about the design of a new menu or signboard? Here at Owari Express we got you covered.

We churn out your product images in specifications you require, so you can easily upload them without the need to do any further image editing (digital editing included).

What’s more – our photography rates are super affordable. It’s super hassle-free too!

How it works


Here are some simple guidelines to follow to help us with our shoot:

Group Shots
· Group shots are available too at the same price. Just indicate in the notes during check out what are the products that you wish to include in the group shot. Do note that if you select eg, 3 photographs per product option, we will be taking the group shot in 3 different angles with the same products. It will not be 3 different combinations.

· You may choose to feature multiple products in each styled image, but they must be able to fit within our setup. We will advise if they don’t fit.

· Delivery is available at $10 per trip for bike transport and $20 per trip for car. This includes delivering the items back to you! Pick up time will be from 10am – 6pm. Perishable products will be picked up only on Monday – Thursday.

· Delivery fee is a flat $10 / $20 for a single trip. Meaning if you require pick up and delivery it will be $20 for bike and $40 for car. Unfortunately, we are unable to waive or lower the cost of the transport as we are using a third-party courier provider.

· You may opt for drop off / pick up to avoid the delivery charges. Our office is open Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm.

· Total weight of products should not exceed 10kg and package size must be less than 60x60x60cm. Otherwise, there might be additional charges for delivery. Contact us to find out more if you are unsure of the delivery charges.

· Perishable products will be disposed after the shoot.

· Do send us a list of specifications you want on your product so we can work on it. There will be no amendments once the inforgraphics are produced.

· If you wish to have pictures of multiple products taken separately and put together in a single image, the cost will be based on the number of shoots, not the final number of images.

· We only cover basic annotations and nothing fancy. If you wish to have more elaborated designs, do contact us so we can quote you accordingly.

Other Important Notes
If your product comes in a packaging and you would like us to take both in and out-of-package shots – we can do so too! But they will be considered and charged as separate product items.

All our images are shot with basic digital enhancements. If you require further enhancements such as photoshop, additional charges apply, depending on your requirements. Contact us to find out more if you need advance enhancements.