Wedding Photography Singapore – Top 5 romantic places for photo shoot

Wedding photography Singapore is one of the top term searches – reasons that we are going to discuss in this article. It is something that every couple dreams about, especially in a travel destination like Singapore. Wedding photography Singapore is hyped because you get those aesthetically pleasing shots to brag with your gal-pals.

Singapore is a travel spot for many tourists and is famous because of its artificial and natural beauty. The country is built on an island and has beaches, grasslands, and nightlife. Everything that a perfect honeymoon or wedding spot demands. Singapore is a dot on the world’s map but has so many spots to feed your appetite of wanderlust. 

Here we have gathered around the top 5 wedding photography Singapore places. These places are narrowed down to 5 and are a must for that photoshoot!

Changi Point Coastal Walk

Changi is a 2.2 km long bridge filled with soft and delicate breezes. The day is filled with mild sunshine while at night, the bridge has lights all around. This makes it perfect for your wedding photoshoot.

The sky at night is sprinkled with stars all over and the sunset at Changi is clear and breath catching. This spot has everything, a sea view, greenery, cliff walks, and much more. It starts with a Creek walk where there is a ferry point terminal, then comes the beach walk, Sailing point walk, and lastly, our favorite – the sunset walk.

Visiting Changi, you will know why the last spot is called the sunset walk. The moment you reach the end of the coastal walk, you are facing your west and you can see the sun setting with colors of hues in the sea. What a remarkable time to have your wedding photoshoot kicking in!

Mariana Bay Stand

Mariana Bay Stand is a luxury resort and hotel with three 55 story buildings, making it one of the largest hotels and tourist spots. It is on our list for topmost romantic places for wedding photography for so many reasons.

Mariana Bay hosts the laser light show every night (which is free to watch by the way) with water jets. The lights and harmony of water make it so romantic to watch. The hotel also has 360 degrees of the top view of the city. Moreover, you can have a night stay in a luxurious hotel with malls, museums, an exhibition center, a theatre and so much more.

The Mariana Bay is a complete package for your wedding photoshoot offering a sky park on the top of its building. Outside the building is an infinity swimming park that has a water effect of no boundaries.

Gardens By The Bay

Another wedding photography Singapore search has brought this amazing place to our top list called Gardens By the Bay. It is not just a regular garden but a beautiful spot in Singapore for wedding photography. It has all-natural as well as artificial plants from all over the world. Each plant is placed in a provided artificial habitat, which gives the feel of natural ecosystems from around the world.

It has further three different gardens named as South Bay, Central Bay, and Eastern Bay, out of which South Bay is the largest. All three follow the plant kingdom and have color changing flowers of every kind.  If you are a nature lover, the aroma of the flowers will surely make this place so much romantic for you and your partner. It is a botanic, exhibitory garden with lights and flowers all around making it breath-catching to watch.

Gardens by the Bay is the biggest man-made garden ever made. It is your answer to that perfect wedding photography Singapore spot which brings mankind close to nature. The Garden is built on an ideal location with so many places near to go around.

Fort Canning Park

Fort canning park is our personal favourite on the list for wedding photography. The place is considered as a hidden gem of Singapore and although it is small in its physical size, it holds a rich history and heritage. Fort Canning Park is famous as a picnic spot, and it’s ever-spreading lawns are used for hosting constants and wedding photography shoots. The reason is that the place has an aesthetically appealing design according to today’s world fashion.

The park was initially built on a hill and is known to have experienced the golden age of Singapore. With time it has developed various gardens that will provide a remarkable backdrop to your photos. Wedding photographyat Fort canning Park is a common site and something that you will experience even you are not there for a photoshoot. Who minds romantic hand in hand walk to the spiral stairs or majestic Fauna?

Wedding Photography in Singapore Artscience Museum

Here we are summing it up to the last, but not least, the Artscience museum. It is also considered another hidden treasure of Singapore. It is a place where art and technology come together.

If you want a little funky and a pop of art in your wedding photography Singapore shoot, the Artscience Museum is the answer. Be it an art lover or a technology flunk, this museum has gathered the best art and technology from all around the world. The large scale of art exhibitory includes the art of Leonardo le Vinci, Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, and many other famous artists. The Artscience Museum is a journey to the imagination with your partner.

The museum has a flower-like architecture with three galleries. The galleries are named after the categories they represent: Curiosity, Inspiration, and Expression.

The noticeable feature of the museum is how they have used technology to enhance the visitors’ as well as the artists’ experience. A common example is the Vincent Van Gogh art piece is displayed as an abstract in the gallery where light beams are used to reflect the painting to the canvas walls, giving the feel to the audience as they are virtually inside of a canvas.

Wedding Photography Singapore Conclusion:

These were the top 5 spots we thought were great for wedding photography in Singapore. Getting a photo shoot in Singapore for your wedding is something to look back and remember for a lifetime. You can never get over your wedding pictures taken at these incredible places. While choosing one from the above magical spots, choose something that is close to the heart so you can cherish it for the rest of your life. We hope this article was helpful. So which place did you like the most?

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