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Most Japanese restaurants in Singapore only do dine-ins and do not provide food delivery services to their customers. This is due to the harsh demands of customers. Many Singaporeans believe that the freshness and quality of Japanese food can easily be compromised during transit.

Sushi Delivery Singapore

Sushi Delivery is the first restaurant-grade Sushi and Sashimi delivery in Singapore. Using the virtual kitchen concept, Sushi Delivery SG debunks the assumption that takeaway food is of low quality with less to no nutritional value. That is what makes them so popular with Japanese food lovers.

Sushi Delivery can take and fulfill orders on the same day! So you can enjoy your food as and when you want them! This allows their customers to enjoy fresh sushi and sashimi prepared by experienced Japanese Itamaes (head sushi chefs). These chefs use fresh ingredients that are directly air-flown from Japanese suppliers daily. On top of that, they tend to follow traditional Japanese preparation methods. Hence, you can be sure that each bite will be an experience to remember!

Delivered to Your Doorsteps

Whether if it is for yourself or a party of friends, there is something for everyone.

Sushi Delivery SG strives to deliver their customers’ orders within the promised period of 1 hour. You can choose your preferred time slot convenient for you. Also, you can include any other important details in the ‘Order Notes’ section.

Did you know? If your order is not delivered within the 1-hour window, Sushi Delivery SG will give you a $10 discount on your next order! This is how confident they are! Furthermore, Sushi Delivery SG is proud of the fact that 99.999% of all orders have been delivered on time! No doubt, this is the result of their investments and efforts put into perfecting their delivery systems.

Prepared for Freshness

Sushi Delivery Singapore has 7 commercial kitchens located across Singapore. Orders are allocated to a kitchen based on how near it is to the customer. This reduces the amount of time needed to deliver your order. This not only ensures you get your food on time but also get it as fresh as possible!

Sushi Delivery Singapore delivers customers’ orders using in-house drivers and vans.

During the packing process, each raw order will first be packed with gel packs. This keeps the temperature between 2-7 degrees. Then, these orders are placed into individual chiller units in the delivery van. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your food not being fresh!  

Sushi Delivery Singapore offers free delivery for orders above $60. However, for orders below $60, there is a flat rate of $5.90 for delivery. Sushi Delivery Singapore opens from 10:45 am to 9:45 pm from Monday to Sunday. The last order is at 8:30 pm.

Must Trys

Check out some of our top and bestselling Japanese cuisine offered by Sushi Delivery Singapore:

  1. Unagi Salmon Sashimi Set Bento ($18.90)
    This bento consists of grilled unagi (eel) and raw salmon. Alongside these proteins are; Japanese pickles, side salad, and sushi rice topped with furikake.
Photo by Owari Express Photography
  1. Salmon Teriyaki Set Bento ($12.90)
    This bento comprises freshly grilled salmon fillet topped with teriyaki sauce. In addition, there is a side salad, Japanese pickles, and sushi rice topped with furikake.
Photo by Owari Express Photography
  1. Saba Shioyaki Set Bento ($12.90)
    This bento is made of Grilled Saba (mackerel) that has been seasoned with salt. Topping it off is a side salad, Japanese pickles, and sushi rice topped with furikake.
  1. Sashimi Party Set ($89.90)
    In this set, there is plenty for everyone – maguro (tuna), Salmon, Tai (red snapper), and hamachi (yellowtail). All this goodness is served with a garnish of white radish. 

Do you want to satisfy your Japanese cuisine craving without needing to travel? Check out Sushi Delivery Singapore’s website today! Choose from an exquisite selection for your next meal and get it delivered right to your doorstep with quality guaranteed!

Sushi Delivery X Owari Express

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