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Photography is not just about capturing images of places, people, and events, it is also the art of capturing moments. We have collated a list of what we deemed the best professional photographers in Singapore for your reference, counting down to the best professional photographer in Singapore. Photography has played a vital role throughout our lives. When you see a photograph of someplace that you visited a long time ago, the memories instantly rush back and it feels as if you were there yesterday. Professional photographers capture visuals to inspire us, surprised us, made us emotional, and broadened our vision of the world.

If you are aspiring photography and you want to be inspired then take a look at our list of 10 best professional photographers of Singapore, their work will surely encourage you.                      

10. Jingna Zhang

In the group of our shortlisted professional photographers, Jingna Zhang is a famous fashion and fine art professional photographer and director. She has a very unique style of creativity which is visible in her photographs. She discovered her passion for photography when she was 18. Her interest in Japanese anime has inspired her to bring a fantastical style in her work. Jingna’s work has appeared in Vogue, Harper Bazaar, and Elle. She has worked with many international clients such as Mercedes Benz, Montblanc, and Lancome. Currently, she is a dominant figure in the industry.

9. Chuando Tan

Next in line in our list of professional photographers, Chuando Tan has grabbed the attention of the world to his work taking outstanding photographs of his clients. He is 51 years old but still looks as if in his early 20’s which is another reason why his clients are so impressed by him. He collaborated with Frey in 2006, and since then they both have been prominent figures. They’ve been working with different fashion labels like Harper’s Bazaar, Jalouse, Elle, Muse, and many other famous titles. They have also done several projects for international clients such as L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Motorola, and other big names. Their unique creative style has given them the fame they deserve.

8. Jimmy Chan

Jimmy Chan is a street professional photographer. He started his photography journey in 2017. He used to capture landscapes and sceneries as a hobby, back then he didn’t know how deeply his passion for photography was. Since he picked up his hobby as a profession he has been nothing but satisfied by his achievements and the encouragement that his clients give him. He is mostly indulged in street photography because he believes that there’s so much to learn from different people and cultures around the world.

7. Kelly Fan

Kelly Fan is a portrait photographer who left the corporate world to pursue her career as a professional photographer. In 2008 things took a different direction and her perspective changed completely. After attending a summer in New Academy of Fine Arts, Milan she made her own studio Studiokel. Her aim as a portrait photographer is to make her clients see their raw-beauty and uniqueness. If you like your photographs pure and honest then Kelly Fan will be the best fit for you.

6. Sim Chi Yin

Sim Chi Yin is a documentary professional photographer and artist. She is an excellent storyteller and her area of interest is history, migration, and the consequences of these events. Sim Chi Yin has made it to our top list of photographers for many reasons. One of them is that she won a Nobel Peace Prize photographer award in 2017. Moreover, she was selected to create a solo show for the Nobel Peace Center museum in Oslo. Sim has been presenting solo shows around the world and was nominated by the Prix Pictet twice and won the “Chris Hondros” award in 2018. Every picture captured by Sim has a deeper meaning, a story that needs unfolding. Her efforts and struggles were the reason she won the “Young Woman Achiever of the Year” award in 2014.

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Now, lets count down to the remaining 5 best professional photographers in Singapore!

5. Danon

Danon is a portrait professional photographer who has been working in this profession for nearly 20 years now. He captures corporate, family, friends, couples, and personal portraits as well. Danon’s studio DGT Portraits aim to accept the challenge and intricacy of capturing raw and genuine portraits of people which immediately attract the attention of viewers.

4. Jeff Chang

Jeff Chang is a fashion and lifestyle photographer. Chang became passionate about this path when he started studying film photography at Temasek Polytechnic. Jeff has worked for over 10 years as a professional photographer with many global clients such as Tiffany and Co., Lux, MaxFactor, Lancome, Saint Laurent, and the list keeps growing. You can find his work in different publications surrounding lifestyle and fashion such as L’Offical Singapore, Men’s Folio, Prestige, and many others.

3. Jethro Hoon

Hoon Jethro is another professional photographer who has made it to our top list. Jethro started his journey as a camera expert back in 2018 and since then he has been traveling nonstop, translating his voices through images into beautiful stories to his clients. He is unique because of his wild imagination hence his creativity is visible in his work. He has worked with big names such as Adobe, CapitaLand, Earnest & Collective, Puma, Porsche, Rendezvous Hotels and the list keeps growing. Jethro, through his photographs, aims to convey stories in such a way that they touch people and give rise to pleasant emotions in them.

2. Andri Tei

Andri Tei is a wedding professional photographer who started his career while he was studying engineering and decided to make some pocket money but later fell in love with his work. His work of art is known to have the beautiful raw emotions of the newlywed couple and the joy of their family and friends. He captures these little moments in such a soulful way that whenever you look at the photographs, you can feel the rush all over again. He aims to make your wedding the most special event of your life.

1. Daniel Sim

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Daniel Sim is a wedding professional photographer whose aim is to focus on the real emotions that people feel during the wedding time and capture them through his photography skills. Storytelling is a vital ingredient in Daniel’s photographs. He observes very carefully and then captures the true essence of the whole wedding. He also has a very creative editing style due to which his pictures stand out. His unique photography skills will make your wedding memories remarkable.

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So, in conclusion, these are some of the best professional photographers in Singapore. Hopefully, by following the right people you will definitely gain inspiration to start your journey.

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