Product Photography Services: Top 10 in Singapore

Product photography is a type of commercial photography that aims to provide the best pictorial image of a product to attract consumers. You need to have aesthetic images of your products if you’re trying to start an online business. Or even creating a website for your already existing physical store to gain more customers.

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd then take a look at our list of top 10 product photography services in Singapore. It will help you create a unique image of your product.

1. Digital Negative

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Digital Negative is a commercial photography service which is owned by Chirs and Sam, a pair of identical twins from Singapore. They started working professionally back in 2014 and since then they’ve worked with many national and international, notable clients. This team of photographers is obsessed with their work and will craft a story of your product with a series of emotive pictures to grab the attention of the audience. Digital Negative has received a lot of recognition throughout their career for their outstanding work.

2. Productpixels

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Productpixels has been providing professional product photography services for 10 years now. They aim to provide you affordable yet high-quality photographs of your products. They provide services for online businesses, e-commerce, commercial (print & digital), and even for lifestyle blogs and articles. Every product tells a story and Productpixels claim that they’ll help you construct a story through your product by capturing aesthetic pictures of it and attracting the attention of the audience. If you’re a small startup or a large brand, Productpixels will help you give your company a unique identity.

3. Bespoke Photography

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This product photography service is a team of experienced photographers. They have been working with all kinds of clients and satisfying them with their mastered techniques. Bespoke Photography also provides product videography. You can showcase your products with compelling videos to demand the attention of the audience. They help you establish your websites, Facebook, Instagram pages, and also make videos for your YouTube channels. They have a unique lighting technique that they use to make their pictures stand out so work with them because they know how to satisfy their clients.

4. Mount Studio

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Mount studio photography has been working professionally since 2017. Their aim is to make their facilities worth your precious time and money. They do catalog photography, such as food items, fashion accessories, books, technology, and many more to make your items stand out. If you want to showcase your product with different angles or with a different colored background then Mount studio will help you with that. They take pictures with such a technique that your product becomes appealing to the audience and they can’t help but consider purchasing it.

5. Johna Photography

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Johna photography provides the most reasonable yet highly professional photography services. He knows how much detailing is required when it comes to product photography. He has a creative storytelling approach while photographing products, which captures the attention of the audience. His long photography background has enhanced his skills and now when he looks at the product he instantly knows whether to photograph it in natural light or in the studio. Johna guarantees to provide outstanding photographs of your products which will increase their credibility and make them noticeable.

6. Pan Pixels – Photography & Videography

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Pan Pixels have years of experience in handling all sorts of clients and creating aesthetic photographs so you can have high expectations from them. They ensure the best results and are always up for new challenges, no matter how you want your product photographs to look, they’ll hand you pictures which will be beyond your imagination. This product photography service is a team of passionate photographers who love what they do so they work hard to provide you the results you want.

7. Wei Guang Photography

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Wei Guang is an expert photography service that has all the skills to capture beautiful photographs of your products. The techniques used make the audience feels the need to purchase them. Wei Guang make sure to use the right props and background. That will make your product stand out and boost its selling point. Consumers always buy products that are visually pleasing, so Wei Guang makes sure to create a striking brand identity to capture the attention of potential customers.

8. SnappyFly Photography

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SnappyFly is an innovative way of product photography. They know how important it is to capture images in a way that they not only increase the selling point but also make your website/ social media standout from the crowd. To serve their clients better, SnappyFly has made their services online. Place your order online, ask them to pick up your products, and then deliver the photographs at your door. SnappyFly has made product photography easier than ever before.

9. Coco Creative Studio

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Coco Creative studio is a dedicated and professional product photography service. The team has worked with both national and international clients. They also provide marketing services that will refine your brand’s marketing strategies. Unlike other photography services, Coco Creative Studio is always working along with its PR and Communications Agency to brainstorm creative ideas and enhance the market value of your product. So no matter how small or big your product and budget, Coco Creative Studio will help you create your identity.

10. Lumiere Photography Singapore

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If you want high-quality photos of your products then Lumiere photography is the right choice for you. This team of professional photographers has years of experience in photographing products. This photography service knows how important it is to have good photos of products for marketing and they go to any extent in order to meet your expectations. In an ever-evolving industry if you want to showcase your product in a unique way then this photography service has the right skills to help you.

Product Photography Services: Top 10 in Singapore – END.

So in conclusion, product photography is vital for making and breaking the image of your product or brand. Always choose the right photography service to establish your unique identity and attract the mass’ attention.

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