Photojournalist in Singapore You Should Know – Top 12

Photojournalist in Singapore is a stiff competition lately. What was once a coveted profession, mastered by few, has become something everyone seems to be great at. Everyone’s a potential photographer now, with their high-tech cameras and fancy filters. If you can zoom in 30 times over, stretch, and warp your pictures according to your whims, then it’s safe to say you’re self-sufficient. Right?
Absolutely not. An eye for detail cannot be replaced by technology, no matter how advanced. And the following photojournalists are living proof.

Image by Owari Photography in collaboration with Lucca Vudor.

Photojournalist #1- Yafiq Yusman

Yafiqs pictures capture the beauty in structures and buildings, in places where you would least expect it. This makes sense, seeing as he comes from a background of architecture, but it goes far beyond that. He sees beauty in everything and has a real eye for buildings that stand out. We’re talking weirdly shaped structures, reflections off pavements, Yafiqs Instagram feed is a sight for sore eyes.
Going by his Instagram feed, he has a penchant for rectangular shapes and focuses on urbane locations. This is great news for people who like skyscrapers and city lights. However, you won’t be seeing a lot of scenic villages, if that’s more up your street.
Instagram handle: @yafiqyusman

Photojournalist #2- Aik Kai

This is also a must for cityscape lovers. However, his photography comes with a touch of nature, woven in artistically with the pictures. His pictures are to die for. Laden with details, you could spend hours looking at each of them, and still miss out on a few. The quality and number of details in his pictures are almost overwhelming, however, he manages to tie them all together to make it very easy on the eye.
This one is an Instagram gem waiting to be found. His pictures show you your favorite city from a very different perspective. What makes Aki Kais photojournalism unique is a touch of green in every picture. This makes
all the difference in the world and the contrast between the two worlds is what makes his pictures strikingly attractive.
Instagram handle: @highonmars

Photojournalist #3- Aaron Chan

Aaron Chan looks at the beauty in everyday life. He proves that simplicity does not only have to exist in nature and quaint cottages in the countryside. It could be anywhere, it could even be in the building block you are currently living in. He goes by the name’ an elephant in the room’, a name that is both humorous and enlightening at the same time. You might spot a lot of passersby in his photos, and if you’re wondering- yes, they’re meant to be there. He even has a book that compiles his favourite pictures.
Instagram handle: @anelephntintheroom

Photojournalist #4- Nguan

The other photojournalists have an eye for the grandeur that Singapore has to offer, but not Nguan. His pictures are soothing, and his Instagram feed is peppered with pastel hues and candids. He has three photo books that have sold all over the world, to nobody’s surprise.
Instagram handle: @nguan

Photojournalist #5- Irfan Rosli

Look forward to an ensemble of aesthetic pictures on Irfan Roslis feed. He will make you fall in love with everyday life all over again. There isn’t anything that you will not find on Roslis feed.
He stops and takes a picture of whatever catches his eye. A photojournalist who can work with anything, there is very little that Rosli cannot do.
Instagram handle: @_roniin

Photojournalist #6- Leslie Heng

Leslie Heng is a photojournalist in love with lines and colours. He doesn’t just click pictures, he creates them. He loves Singapore, and this love seeps into every picture he has managed to capture so far. A small city in terms of size, he brings forth how much it has to offer in terms of culture and versatility. A perfect blend of old and new, Singapore blends everything together to create a breathtaking picture.
Instagram handle: @blackmobil

Photojournalist #7- Lee Yik Keat

This photojournalist has really outdone himself. Lee Yik Keat is just 23, and he has already landed deals with Adidas, YTL Hotels, and the likes of such. He started with just a cellphone before he realized how in love with photography he was. After he got himself proper equipment, there was no stopping him.
Instagram handle: @yk

Photojournalist #8- Kev O.

Kev O takes pictures of urban locales, which have been done before. What has not been done before is the angle he takes them from. You have to check him out, especially for the bird’s eye view he lends to his photographs.

Photojournalist #9- Kevin Lim

Kevin Lim wanted to be a lot of things, but a photojournalist was never one of them. A fire-fighter, a zookeeper, a sports journalist, but never a photojournalist. He even had a long stint with the national newspaper, The Stint, before he turned to photography. His interest had been growing since university.

Photojournalist #10- Mark Cheong

Mark Cheong was introduced to photojournalism during his teenage years. He soon fell in love with it. This happened during his involvement with a black and white film with the Temasek Polytechnics School of Design. He has covered everything from food to festivals and football and does justice to everything he has dabbled in.

Photojournalist #11- Yais Yusman

Like his brother, he chooses to look at the architectural aspect of Singapore. He plays with elements and colors. He adds human elements to the photos, to bring focus and life to his pictures. A lot of his photos are shot in a panorama view. They have a very three-dimensional look to them, because of all the edges and symmetry to the photos. He does have a few pictures
of scenic nature, speckled here and there on his Instagram feed.
Instagram handle: @yaisyusman

Photojournalist #12- Edwin Koo

One of our accidental photojournalists, he studied journalism in university and was introduced to his current vocation by his mentor Shyam Tekwani. Edwin has an extensive portfolio by taking his pictures in a different direction. He focuses on human emotion, and the modern day problem of feeling lost. He has covered a range of topics as well, going political with his pictures as well.

Photojournalists in Singapore You Should Know – END

If you take a look at their Instagram handles, you’re going to fall in love with photography and your own city. Some of the listed photojournalists have a history and natural love for architecture, and they capture the sheer genius behind some of the structures built in Singapore.
You’ve looked at twelve of the best photographers that Singapore has been home to in recent years.

Tempted to take it up yourself? You never know!

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