Photography Courses: 5 Places to learn Photography in Singapore

Photography courses are a great way to jumpstart a career in photography. But whether it be for professional or personal use, or even if it’s only for the ‘gram, capturing photos is an excellent way to make any memory last. But using a DSLR, digital camera, or even just a phone can be confusing. By taking photography courses, depending on the class taken, they can tackle beginners’ basics and advance lessons for those with a little more experience. Photography schools can also cater to the students’ needs if they also want to learn about Landscape Photography or Portraiture. Some schools offer more than just photography courses, they also have post-processing classes with Lightroom, and some even have Videography lessons.

To get started, here are some of the best photography schools in Singapore:


 Phocus Academy aims to help further develop their student’s skills in photography. They offer a wide range of photography courses like the Practical Photography class, where they consider it a good foundation for beginners. There’s also Studio Portraiture, where they would equip their students with a strong foundation in lighting concepts and set-ups. Then there’s Landscape Photography, where they discuss different tips and tricks to shooting the best landscape image, iPhone Photography that focuses on taking great photos with just a phone, and Film Photography where they teach their students to make photographs old school style. They even offer a photography course specifically for people interested in the craft but couldn’t find the time. It’s called Practical Photography for Busy People. They adapted their original 5-week Practical Photography course and shortened it to 1 week.

What’s unique about Phocus Academy is that they concentrate more on fieldwork when it comes to their photography courses. They practice minimal classroom time and more on practical work. As they promote, their philosophy is “Less Equipment, Less Theory, More Photography.” For those interested, they also offer a Practical Lightroom Workshop to learn more about the post-processing editing and enhancing of photos. They also offer Introduction to Videography, where they teach their students a simple workflow that would let them create their films.

Photography Courses Offered:

Practical Photography ($480), Studio Portraiture ($450), Practical Photography for Busy People ($320), Landscape Photography ($320), iPhone Photography ($250), Film Photography ($300)


EMAIL: [email protected]

TEL: +65 9765 4224

ADDRESS: level 3 of Camera Rental Centre at 32B South Bridge Road, Singapore

2. M.A.D. School

 Last 2003 M.A.D. School by Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy was established. Not only do they focus on photography courses, but they also have powerful programs for Marketing, Advertising, and Design. M.A.D. School has a partnership with industry professionals and leaders. Because of this, their curriculum changes and adapts as the market does.

M.A.D. School boasts of award-winning lecturers that are active and renowned in their respective fields. For Photography, they offer a Certificate as well as a Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging. These two programs’ purpose is about providing an excellent foundation in the skills necessary to pursue the craft. These programs will tackle all aspects of Photography like camera operation, exposure control, composition, and the final image. Their students will also learn about the history and theories about Photography.

Photography Courses Offered:

Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging ($8,500), Certificate in Photography


EMAIL: [email protected]

TEL: +65 6337 5449

ADDRESS: 30 Merchant Road #03-22-24 Singapore 058282


In 2005, Pictorial was founded by Keith Low. But before establishing his company, Keith worked for and gained knowledge and experience from well-known companies. He worked for Panasonic Asia-Pacific as a regional trainer in consumer electronics. After that, he worked for Olympus Imaging Singapore as a product manager. Because of the experiences he accumulated throughout his career, he then decided to go pro and found his own company.

Pictorial offers several photography courses from basic to the advanced level. They provide hands-on experience with Keith as the guide and mentor. With his 20 years of experience as a photographer and instructor, his students can be assured that they will be getting their money’s worth and that attending his photography courses will prove to be a great experience. Their Basic Courses include Phoneography that focuses on camera apps, camera buttons, and on-the-go editing. They also have Photography 101 for beginners, where it talks about camera operation, lenses, composition rules, etc. Lastly, they have a course intended for busy people, called Camera 101. In this class, they would also teach about camera functions, lenses, and basic photography jargon. Then for their Intermediate Course, they have Urban Exploration, it focuses on Street, Indoor, and Travel Photography, composition rules, and light control.

Photography Courses Offered:

Phoneography – $250 (solo) , $150 (group), Urban Exploration – $700 (solo) , $380 (group), Landscape Photography – $450 (solo), Macro Photography – $450 (solo), Masterclass – $720 (solo), $1500 (group)


EMAIL: [email protected]

[email protected]

TEL: +65 84887773


School of Photography Singapore specializes in Private Photography Lessons, Courses, and Workshops. They can accommodate beginners, amateurs, and even professionals offering one-on-one lessons as well as group courses. For those who would prefer to learn at their own pace, the one-on-one lesson is recommended, and for those who prefer to be in a group, the school offers scheduled courses with a maximum of only 10 participants.

Headed by International Award-Winning photographer Alan Lim, their students will experience one of a kind, fun, refreshing, and inspiring photography courses. Alan Lim is known for his passion for photography and his engaging style of teaching. For Beginners, they recommend their Essential Foundation Photography Course. Alternatively, for more time and budget-friendly beginner’s course, they can offer the Camera Craft course. For Intermediate level learners, they have the Intermediate photography Course where they tackle Advanced Spot Light Meter REading, Photography Composition, and Night Photography. Lastly, for the Advanced level to Professionals, they have Advanced Composition and Documentary Photography. The School of Photography also highly recommends its Lighting Course for those who would like to learn more about photography’s technical aspects.

Photography Courses Offered:

Essential Foundation Course – $1,500 (solo), $590 (group), Camera Craft Beginner – $980 (solo), $285 (group), Intermediate Course – $1,500 (solo), $450 (group), Advanced Composition Course – $1,200 (solo), $450 (group), Documentary Photography Course – $2,400 (solo)


EMAIL: [email protected]

TEL: +65 8133 5134

ADDRESS: 1 Kallang Jct, Vanguard Campus, Singapore 339263


Karen Lucas Photography courses are more on the practical and personal side. She focuses more on applying the theories until her students feel comfortable and familiar with their equipment. She limits her class to 3 to 10 participants only. Karen’s lessons are more about breaking down the technical concepts and turning it into digestible chunks. It’s all about maximizing the learning experience in all her classes. Some of Karen Lucas Photography’s achievements are exhibited in The Affordable Photo Fair (2007) and Asian Geographic One Asia Festival (2012), winning the Temple Safari Photo competition (2012). This institute was also featured in The Best Singapore – Singapore Tatler. and Singapore’s Best Family Photographers – Little Steps.

KLP offers photography courses like their Complete Digital Photography Course, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Photography Classes. On top of that, they also have Black & White, Macro, and Wildlife Photography, plus Lightroom for Photographers classes. Karen also organizes Photo Walks, where they explore Singapore and visit hidden gems, festivals, and other iconic places.

Photography Courses Offered:

Beginner’s Photography Courses, Intermediate Photography Courses, Advanced Photography Courses, Black & White Photography Courses, Complete Digital Photography Course, Macro Photography Courses, Photo Walks in Singapore

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