Freelance Photographer – Top 5 in Singapore

Freelance photographers have seen a steady rise in business over recent years. Tired of having their pictures taken by clumsy friends and immediate family members, people have started taking matters into their own hands. Mirrors and staged candids taken on a smartphone don’t make the cut anymore.

Whether it’s just for your Instagram feed or an important portfolio, the quality and expectations when it comes to pictures taken of just about anybody have escalated. While this may seem like a lot of pressure at first, how about we stop to look on the bright side for once? Getting your picture taken has always been accompanied by a lot of screaming and fumbling when we were children. And a lot of awkwardness as adults. We’ve made our peace with it, but it doesn’t have​ to be that way. 

Getting your picture taken can be fun and stress-free. And we’re going to prove it, with these 5 freelance photographers that we found. They are the very best in Singapore, and there are no blinding lights and rushed timelines to worry about here.

Head Photographer – Owari Photography

Freelance Photographer #1 Darren Francis 

If you want photography of the highest quality, as well as within a reasonable budget, Darren Francis is the man to go to. His portraits are crisp, draw attention to the right areas of the face, and of the highest quality. Portrait photography isn’t the only thing Darren is good at, he has mastered every genre, something you’ll notice on his online portfolio. 

His portfolio online is simple, yet artistic. It serves as a preview to the kind of freelance photographer he is. Not only does he specialise in photography, he also does retouches, prints and conducts workshops to lend some of his wisdom.

Since corporate photography is what Darren is widely known for, his website opens to pictures of his recent clients, so you can take a look at his work right away. As far as freelance photographers go, Darren is the real deal.

Freelance Photographer #2 Dirgan Fasa

This man is revered among people who want subtle, stunning photographs for their use. He focuses on capturing personality in every photograph. Say goodbye to stiff styles and postures, Dirgan lets you be yourself, and isn’t that when we look our best? 

The photographs that he takes can be used for any occasion. Need something head-turning for your feed? Look no further. 

Dirgan specialises in outdoor photography, so if you have a stunning backdrop in mind, or would like to find one, Dirgan has got you covered. Do not worry about flattering angles, he has tons of experience with making people look their very best. 

His flexibility with locations means a lot to people a little shaky about getting their pictures taken. Know a park where you feel very comfortable? Or a bridge that means a lot to you. Dirgan will graciously meet you there, and you will leave with a stunning set of photographs. That’s the perk, as a freelance photographer, good quality and flexibility go hand in hand.

Freelance Photographer #3 Drew Perspectives

Andrew Lim is a man of wonders. He specialises in underwater photography, something that is very difficult to get right. He started out very young, publishing his first photography book at the age of 21. You can buy it for a collection of impressive pictures- Silhouette of Serenity.

The fact is, underwater photographs are impressive just by themselves. They can help your portfolio stand out, or your instagram look wildly different from everyone elses. Andrew gives these pictures an extra push, and makes them stand out even more than they already do. Now do you want to be underwater with someone who prolongs the process and only comes up with average pictures, or do you want Andrew?

Not only this, Andrew has his own unique sense of style. He will direct your wardrobe if he has to, but he will produce quality work.

Simply put, Andrew is the freelance photographer of your underwater dreams.

Freelance Photographer #4 Irina Nilsson

Irina began her career while taking care of her four children, making her the perfect mother and entrepreneur. Her photos therefore are very practical and ethereal at the same time, just like her personality. She has a very life-affirming outlook, and this shines through every picture that she takes. 

Her clientele mainly includes families and companies,and she does a great job with them. Her story-telling style of photography resonates with her clients. She has an outstanding portfolio on her website, and you can check out her instagram feed for your daily dose of aesthetic.

Simple and vintage, Irene Nilsson works magic from behind her lenses, so let her work hers on you.

Freelance Photographer #5 Wayne

Wayne is a freelance photographer who caters to families, mainly. He believes in candid pictures, and is very flexible when it comes to place and clientele. Small and large families are both welcome to hire him. 

Wayne believes in capturing moments as they come to you, and not ones that are rehearsed. His trick is to snap pictures of people as they are moving in slow motion, so he might just capture all your favourite moments without getting in the middle of the moment. 

Wayne is quick on his feet. He is not a photographer who attempts to know what you want without actually asking you in person. Communication is key here, and Wayne is one of the best at this. He collaborates extensively with his clients to deliver exactly what they have in mind.

It does not just stop there with Wayne. He is also an expert in drone and videography, so if you want small videos or documentaries made of your family milestones, he’s your guy. 

Top 5 Freelance Photographers in Singapore – By Owari Photography – END

Those were the top 5 freelancers in SIngapore. Whether it’s a family picture you’re looking for, or an adorable photoshoot for your baby, these freelance photographers know what you are looking for. They have you covered, from corporate photographs to portraits. Whether it’s a picture you want to pose for, or a candid, they have got you.

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