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Durian Delivery has been making great waves in the very competitive durian industry over the years. By evolving in diverse ways: from a traditional durian store, and maintaining top records for delivering fresh and top-grade durians. The heart of the business revolves around customer satisfaction. We discovered that many durian lovers face many problems when it comes to buying durians. Ensuring that we have positioned ourselves to bridge the gaps that may ensue.  

Photo by Owari Photography

We are solving the problem of fraud from cunning vendors who charge extra on durians. Also, sell stale durians at their stalls. At Durian Delivery, we accept orders the day before. Then, notify the durian plantation, to deliver the freshest durian to customers.

How Durian Delivery Do It:

Firstly, we collaborate with reputable and honest durian sellers to provide top-grade durians to customers. We serve as the middlemen between the durian sellers and the customers. Ensure that the freshest and top-quality durian reaches the customer’s plate on time and for an affordable price. Secondly, we are able to capture our brand’s story and essence via Owari Express Photography. This is a company that provides a variety of photography services for companies desiring to boost sales on e-commerce platforms. Owari Express Photography works to enhance our strategies and services using photography. In other words, with high-quality images that are appreciative of the eye, can make one’s mouth water and boost engagement and actions.

In a bid to ensure a hassle-free and timely delivery, all durians purchased are de-husked and hygienically packaged in an air-tight container. To be sure to maintaining food industry standards. The durians arrive at the customer’s doorstep within six to twelve hours of been plucked. At undisputable prices, we bypass wastage and storage and stand against pushing the delivery of day-old durians. Fleets of trucks drive in from our plantation in Malaysia to Singapore without rest stops all in a bid to be timely while considering safety. In addition to a guaranteed replacement of defective durians, we offer free delivery on a minimum order of $100.

Photo by Owari Express Photography

Durian Delivery Collaborates with Owari Photography

Not only Owari Express Photography is effortless in meeting our photography requirements but also deliver top-notch services and high standards at very affordable rates. Using photography, we have been able to tell, create and re-create defining moments for our brand and services.

Durian Delivery guides durian lovers in their selecting their choice durians because of their diverse characteristics and distinctive taste or flavor. Using photography, we have been able to capture the beauty and uniqueness of each type of durian.

MSW Durian

One of the top-rated durians that have received a five-star rating from thrilled customers is the “Mao Shan Wang” also known as the MSW Durian.

Photo by Owari Express Photography

Owari Express Photography reveals the details of this durian and expresses it in a closest life-like state possible. It shows the bright yellow flesh and the characteristic triangular-shaped thorn on its husk. The Mao Shan Wang has a velvety and lush texture and is a combination of a sweet and bitter taste.

D24 and Red Prawn Durian

Other types of durian are the D24 durian and Red Prawn. Unlike the Mao Shan Wang, the D24 has a neutral taste, that is, it is neither bitter nor sweet. The Red Prawn Durian has a reddish-orange tint to its flesh, a brown shell and widely spaced thorn, which has been accurately represented in the photo below.

The Red Prawn Durian is the sweetest among other types because of the sweet aftertaste it leaves. It is velvety and flavorful and is suitable for first-durian eaters and children. It is exclusive to Durian Delivery and can be delivered from Muar within a day.

Golden Phoenix

Other famous types of durian in Singapore include the Golden Phoenix or Jin Feng Durian: known for its pale yellow-while colour and complex taste, and the mild alcohol production it leaves in the tongue, the Premium D101, the Black Pearl Durian, and the bitter Black Gold Durian. Each of these durians has its unique smell, taste, and texture. Thanks to Owari Express Photography, these unique characteristics have been captured and can be appreciated below.

All of these products are available for pre-order, order and delivery while in stock.

Durian Puree

There are also a variety of other durian products, which include Freshly Frozen Vacuum Packed Durian. It can be used to make durian lapis, fried chips, chiffon cakes, durian ice-cream, candies, and custards. Each product is distinct and has a unique form and texture. For example, the durian puree which comes in different types; Mao Shan Wang, D24 durian, and Red Prawn has been beautifully portrayed by this photo from Owari Photography.

Both photographs beautifully represent a creamy-like texture and fluffiness. Owari Express Photography successfully makes the statement, “Its taste is as good as it looks.”

Durian Cakes

The possibilities are endless with durians, they can be used to make almost everything. Another famous product on the shelf is the Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake.

These products are also available for order and delivery.

Owari Express Photography meets the needs of many businesses like ours that desire to boost their e-commerce sales by providing a variety of services from pre-production to post-production. They enhance brands by producing creative and high-quality photos and save time spent on editing. They offer consultation services, professional edits, and studio set-ups.

From product photography in the studio to outdoor photography, Owari Express Photography combines professionalism and mechanics with style. They are attentive to colors, forms, and compositions and use creativity to enhance the look of the products, and entice people. 

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