Cosmo Water Dispenser X Owari Express Photography

Water is life just like photography is to Owari and Express photography companies. You already know humas can’t live without water, but how many times have you sat and thought about the water you take every day? Do you look into the bottle, see it is clear and then jump onto drinking and throwing away the bottle? Indeed, this is what most people do every day.

But for a moment, think about the content of that water. Does it have germs that you can’t see and are too ignorant to think about? Most probably, it has chemicals and bacteria that you cannot see no matter how close you look. Remember, water comes from rivers and lakes that may be polluted before reaching your glass. But that is not to say that you won’t keep drinking eight glasses of water in a day, as recommended by the doctors.

We have brought to you the Cosmo water dispenser that purifies your water. It guarantees your body that you are drinking pure alkaline water that is free of disease-causing bacteria. With the help of Owari and Express Photography, we are happy to show you every aspect of the dispenser that you need to know about.

The Dispenser has Filters with a 99.9% Efficiency

Instead of a regular filter, we have fitted the water dispenser with an ultra-precision filter. See the pic below by Owari Photography for the differences between the two filters. Were it not for the photography companies, we wouldn’t be able to explain the differences clearly, but here is how it works.

As you can see, the ultra-precision filter has smaller pores meaning it doesn’t let germs in as much as a regular filter. The precision technology gets rid of the tiniest particles and bacteria in water. The filters get rid of all solid particles allowing only water, which is in liquid form.

Besides, the dispenser has air filters that clean any particles that enter the water from the air around. Therefore, the gadget blocks germs that enter the water from all directions so that by the time you fetch a cup of water from the dispenser, it is almost 100% pure and alkaline. You can taste the difference between the purified alkaline water and the regular water from your tap.

The Water Dispenser is Good for Home and Office Use

Have you been to an office or home with a dispenser, but unluckily, they hadn’t refilled by the time you were thirsty? We can imagine how long you had to stay before quenching your thirst. Don’t let this be other people’s experience when they visit your home or office. From the photography below, it is clear everyone is relaxed and comfortable since they can fetch water from the dispenser conveniently.

It is also convenient for all weather. Whether it is on an early morning or late evening when you need a glass of hot water, or a shiny afternoon when you want some cold water, you can get it. It has cold and hot water outlets, and both let out only pure water.

We Collaborate with Owari Photography to Make Your Experience Special

Have you ever seen a company promise to deliver a product, they explain its qualities, but you still doubt because you haven’t seen it? It can be doubtful, especially when you fear losing your money. For us, it is different. Owari Photography has helped us bridge the knowledge gap that customers have about our water dispensers.

For instance, look at the water filters above. Aren’t they proof that the water dispenser below does what we are promising?

As you can see in the picture, there is an outlet for cold water and another one for hot water, as stated above. The dispenser also has a temperature sensor that helps to curb overheating. That means you can sit in your office or relax at home without being afraid that the gadget will overheat as that would be dangerous.

Here are the benefits customers enjoy from our collaboration with Owari and Express Photography.

You can Select Different Colors of the Water Dispenser

Our water dispensers are of different colors. That is why we use Express Photography to display all the colors of the product so that you can see, feel and experience the difference it will bring to your home or office. Without the photos, your judgment wouldn’t be complete, but with them, you can make an informed choice. It is now easy to determine which color of dispenser will match the décor at your home.

Photography Helps You View the Actual Dimensions of the Dispenser

A major reason we chose Owari Photography is that they can take different shots of the product to help customers in viewing the actual dimensions of the product. Usually, if we were to tell you the dispenser measures 260mm*460mm*520mm you would take that in mind, which is okay.

However, your mental image of the dimensions would not be the same as when you view the actual dimensions of the product on our website.

Quick Delivery of the Product

Once you view the images and confirm the dimensions of the product, you place the order, and then we start processing it immediately. We then deliver your dispenser as soon as possible, and you can start enjoying your alkaline water with your family or workmates.

We Guarantee More Benefits in the Future

Your health is our priority. That is why we are always working to improve our products and services. We guarantee that we are making improvements as time goes by. Through the partnership with Owari photography, we will bring you improved products at an affordable rate. We also promise to make our delivery faster and efficient so that you can get your product within a few hours after you place an order. Do you have any questions or feedback about Cosmo dispenser? We will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction and act on your feedback if it makes our services more efficient.

Owari Photography X Cosmo Water Dispenser

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